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Monday, February 6, 2023

Nav2Go - The Radionavigation Trainer

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.: What's Nav2Go ...


Nav2Go is The Radionavigation Trainer available in its category for price and performance.  Using Nav2Go enables you to start practicing Radionavigation procedures immediately. The program loads in a few seconds, you can quickly change scenarios by simply moving stations and or the airplane with the mouse. Literally click, drag and drop. In the other mode you can have the autopilot fly the airplane, you set the HDG with the HDG bug or you can replay what you have practiced for further analysis. Nav2Go runs on your PC or Laptop under MS Win 10, MS Win 8, MS Win 7, Vista, WinXP, Win2k or Win 98.



Nav2Go - Screens

"Are you bewildered by the radio nav questions contained in the FAA knowledge exams? Even if you have already passed the exam and are "flying glass" maintaining your "round dial" navigation skills is an important flight safety issue. We recommend Peter Voss' Nav2Go simulator. It is an inexpensive, yet invaluable aid to develop your ability to navigate using VOR, HSI, ADF, RMI, DME, and Localizer. We recommend it to all our students." 

Abrams Aviation Seminars, FAA Knowledge Test Prep Specialists
Fred Abrams, Founder/Owner

"Based on 14,000 hours of flying mostly for a major
airline prior to retirement and as the holder of an
FAA Advanced Ground Instructor's Certificate I feel
qualified to say that Nav2Go is not only an excellent
tool for teaching radio navigation to new pilots but
also an excellent tool for experienced pilots to
review less frequently used procedures such as ADF and
LOC back course approaches prior to simulator checks or
flight checks.  I've really enjoyed refreshing long
dormant skills with it and feel that it was a very
worthwhile purchase." 

Frederick C., USA






.: Benefits to you ...


Nav2Go will help you to improve your position awareness and will help you to understand and to master the following aspects of Radionavigation:

        • VOR, HSI, LOC, ADF, RMI, DME

        • Intercepts

        • Tracking inbound/outbound

        • Approaches/Missed (NDB, VOR, LOC)

        • Holdings

        • Wind Effects













.: Ease of Use ...


With Nav2Go's intuitive user interface (UI) you don't have to waste your time learning new software. Most of it is self explanatory; you can drag the airplane over the screen and turn the knobs. You can set the required frequencies, select different types of Instruments with the mouse, replay, save and re-load your work. Even practicing with wind is possible.


No specific Hardware is required, just a Personal computer.



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Our Pricing


Limitted Special COVID-19 Offer. Send us an E-Mail to


and request a FREE Special Nav2Go. In return I'll send you a downloadlink and one license. This offer is valid until end of Nov 2021, one License per E-Mail Address.






  Nav2Go  Download 
Installation on up
to three PC's /Laptops


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 send me an E-Mail at


to use the Free offer



Included with your purchase:

  • instant download 8MB
  • three Licenses for PC or Laptops
    • for Win10, 8, 7, Vista, Win 98













Customers Voice
  • Software is a valuable training aid; I often 'practice' for 20 mins or so when I have a few moments spare. Very fair price
  • As a training aid Excellent, service second to none. To sum in one word - Fabulous -
  • Instant download, excellent software to keep IFR in mind. Thanks!
  • A very good program to help you get you're instrument rating! It's worth it!
  • Everything as described. Smooth, easy transaction. Very pleased. A+++
  • As advertised, quick email and shipment, GREAT SELLER!!!

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